Fine Drink, The Nzunga Serving

The fictional autobiography’s story springs in a forgotten corner of Africa, a time when the country was stuck in a series of violence. It almost seems like unmanageable to stop it, as the land falls away into violence every few years. This cycle was so bad that it left a deep scar in the minds of the citizens all over with the innocent minds being corrupted into soulless killers. Living in a backward country as aforementioned, growing up in a large family in an underprivileged village, Peter knows the level of hardship that was going to be with him all his life. However, Peter was unlike any of the other impoverished people. He was different because he was determined to break this cycle of violence for the last time. This is a motivational and self-help fiction for all those that have restricted their minds thinking they are not capable enough to do anything in life because of a setback.